One suspect shot, 2 arrested …”SRP SHOT DEAD”

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One of the suspects was shot and wounded, and two others apprehended after Special Reserve police officer, Richard Babwah, was killed during an attempted robbery at a Chinese restaurant in Arouca, on Monday evening.

Babwah, the father of two girls, was killed after he was fired upon by two of the bandits who stormed the restaurant shortly after 6 pm.

Babwah, 31, who was assigned to the Homicide Bureau, had reportedly just left work at the Arouca Police Station and was on his way home when he stopped at the Long Yuan Chinese Restaurant to purchase dinner to take home to his family.

According to reports, Babwah was in the restaurant when two men walked in and announced a robbery. Babwah attempted to draw his firearm but was shot by one of the bandits. The bandits escaped empty-handed. Police said the men escaped in a waiting vehicle,  a red Almera, PCM 1625.

Police officers who responded spotted the getaway vehicle travelling east along the Eastern Main Road. A high-speed chase ensued and the police intercepted the vehicle near Pelican Lane, Maloney. Police said the men shot at the police as they attempted to escape, forcing the officers to return fire.

One of the suspects was shot and another was immediately arrested.

A third suspect, the driver, managed to escape but police held him hours later. The wounded suspect was up to late last night being treated for gunshot wounds at the Arima District Hospital.

The suspects were identified as Kamala Charles, the driver, Shurland Blake, alias Psycho, who was shot, and Osei Simmons, alias Clarkie.

An autopsy will be performed on Tuesday at the Forensic Sciences Center, Federation Park.

Investigations are continuing.

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