One day before she was killed …’SAMANTHA MADE POLICE REPORT”

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The day before Samantha Isaacs was brutally murdered, she made a report to the police that her killer,  Kahriym Garcia, had beaten her.

Isaacs, 35, of L’Anse Mitan,  Carenage, went to the St Clair Police Station at around 9 am on December 15 and reported that she was beaten by Garcia. A police constable was assigned to the case.

However, nothing was done. Isaacs never went to the hospital or a medical center to be examined so a report can be presented to the police.

She did not give a full statement to the police, leaving investigators baffled as to whether she just wanted to warn Garcia and not have him prosecuted.

According to reports, police never got a chance to talk to Garcia. But someone told Garcia that Issacs, his ex-girlfriend, had made a report to the police about him.

Garcia found out about the police report on December 16 and went in search of Issacs who was celebrating her birthday with friends. He confronted Issacs in public about the report, but was advised to leave.

Although he left the premises, Garcia waited in the road. When Issacs had completed her celebrations with her friends, she left with a male driver. Garcia, according to reports, followed her to her home.

It was there he confronted her about the police report and the person who had dropped her home. The argument got violent with Garcia beating Isaacs and then dragging her into his Elantra car.

While in the car, Garcia shot Issacs in her legs and head and drove off.

He opened the car door and dropped Issacs on the Western Main Road, Carenage, and returned to his home at Upper Haig Street, Carenage.

Eyewitnesses who saw Isaacs thrown from the vehicle, called the police. Isaacs was rushed to the St James Medical Facility where she was pronounced dead on arrival.

One eyewitness told the police that he knew who owned the Elantra car and where the person lived. On arrival at Haig Street, police officers heard a single gunshot coming from inside the house.

They kicked down the door and found Garcia dead on a couch in the living room. He had shot himself in the head.

A gun was seized. The Elantra car was also seized.

Garcia, 35, a deportee from he United States, and Isaacs had a three-year-old son, Kaiden.

Isaacs was a former student of St Francois College, Belmont. After she gained her passes, she enrolled at the University of the West Indies, St Augustine, to do biochemistry. She wanted to become a doctor. But after meeting Garcia, she dropped out of UWI.

She became pregnant in 2014 and never followed her dream to become a doctor.

Autopsies will be performed on both bodies on Monday.
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Kahriym Garcia
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