One bandit beaten by villagers …BAR OWNER KILLS 2

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Three men who hatched a plan to rob a bar on Friday night, got the surprise of their lives. Two are now dead, and the other in police custody.

The three men never expected that the owner of the bar was going to challenge them and engage them in a shootout.

It was around 6.30 pm on Friday, patrons had flocked to Cool Breeze Bar, located off Fatima Trace, Paramin for their Friday after work lime.

Three men, all armed with guns, stormed the bar in Paramin only to be confronted by the owner, who fired at them using his licensed pistol.

One witness said he had just entered the bar when these men entered and before they could say “Robinson Crusoe”, there was gunfire.

“I duck one time. I fell to the floor to make sure I wasn’t shot.

Everything happen to fast. The men sped out of the bar with the same speed as they had entered.”

Another eyewitness said he was relieved of his belongings before the owner intervened. “This was just like in the movies. A robbery and then a shooting. I hustled out of there as fat as I could.”

After the owner engaged the bandits, the suspects fled the scene.
A customer was shot in his leg.

Two of the bandits got into a car, leaving their partner to fend for himself..

During the exchange of gunfire, gas tank of the car was punctured by a bullet, resulting in the vehicle exploding.

The two bandits died in the car. Patrons called the Maraval Police who responded. By the time they got there, two of the bandits were dead and the third was “under manners” by villagers. The fire department responded and extinguished the blaze.

The third suspect was taken into custody. The bodies of the dead bandits were moved from the scene. Autopsies will be performed on Monday at the Forensic Sciences Center, Federation Park.

Villagers and patrons were high in praise of the bar owner who seemed prepared for this robbery. As one customer said, “with the way crime is these days, people are preparing themselves because neither the Government o r the police have a clue.”


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