The Ocean Flower 2 scandal …”LIES AND MORE LIES”

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Comments made by Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley in Tobago on Monday have been described as lies by vice-president of  Bridgemans Services Group LP Andrew Purdey. And there is the likelihood that this matter is heading for the courts.

He said the untruths about the procurement process for the inter-­island vessels were damaging his Vancouver, Canada-based company.

On Monday after a meeting with stakeholders at the Magdalena Grand Beach resort, Rowley said there was something crooked in the procurement process for the Ocean Flower 2.

Well this brought fire and brimstone from Purdey.

He said he felt sorry for the people of Trinidad and Tobago who are being fed untruths. He plans returning to Trinidad to clear up this matter.

He added, “I will come down there to make a formal statement but just so that it is absolutely clear for the record, we are a very reputable company, we have done everything under international law with international lawyers so there is absolutely nothing, and I mean ­absolutely nothing, crooked about our dealings.

“We are going to demand an investigation and the truth be told because whoever is bringing this false story and damaging our company and damaging the people of Trinidad, there must be a motive that we [are] unaware of; but the reality is the sooner the truth gets out, the happier I’ll be.”

Purdey said he was willing to give a detailed interview and hand over all contractual documents relating to the Ocean Flower 2 to sole investigator Christian Mouttet.

Purdey said his decision to return to Trinidad to cooperate with all investigators was prompted by inaccurate statements made by Rowley.

Rowley suggested that he believed something had gone drastically wrong and crooked with the Ocean Flower 2 transaction.

Purdey said while he would not comment directly on the Prime Minister’s statements, he was prepared to provide any information that he (the PM) would request of him.

He added “He (Rowley) has got his information, but I am prepared to provide any information that he or anyone else wants because there is a saying that goes, the truth shall set you free and we should be focusing on the truth.”

Purdey said he had received several news reports that Rowley had suggested the contract “we negotiated with the Port Authority regarding the Ocean Flower 2 was crooked.” He questioned “why Bridgemans need to defend the truth when it is your own Government that you can talk with and set the record straight.”

He said every stage of the negotiation process was conducted with the highest level of ethics and professionalism and was done in front of PATT’s board.

Purdey said he had no problem with surrendering all documents to Mouttet and any other authority investigating the procurement process involving the vessels.

He added, “If they ask us too, yes, we will hand over all documents and conduct interviews. We will give full disclosure and the sooner the better.

“I am planning on coming back to Trinidad very soon to set the record straight and we want the truth out there. We categorically deny every wrong doing on Bridgemans’ part. Everything that the contract had was done using the highest standard of international law.”

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