Now Red Cross names TT among world’s hot spots

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Trinidad and Tobago has been identified as one of the world’s violent hot spots.

The International Red Cross (IRC) on Wednesday put T&T among the top countries in the world with security issues.

The alert was issued in the daily security advisory from the IRC’s head office in Geneva, Switzerland.

The advisory was sent out after the murder of British national Adrian St. John during a robbery in Mt. D’Or, San Juan.

The IRC said that “attacks against foreign visitors” are perpetrated in Trinidad.

The highly-regarded international agency added: “The shooting also highlights that criminals are commonly armed and prepared to use their weapons; any attempt to resist or antagonise the assailant/s during a robbery could escalate the risk of violence.”

The International Red Cross advised about the risk posed by “petty and opportunistic crime.”

The agency added: “Muggings and pick-pocketing are particular concern, especially in the capital Port of Spain and other urban areas in Trinidad.

“Any signs of relative wealth may make personnel an attractive target for opportunistic crime.”

The report placed Trinidad and Tobago among the main countries around the globe and several in the Americas under security watch.

Much attention was directed to Brazil, which is currently unstable over an impeachment threat to President Dilma Rousseff.

There have been incidents of violent crimes, including murder, in several Brazilian cities.


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