Now forced labor in Venezuela

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Crisis-hit Venezuela has started trading oil for food, medicine, and other supplies with Jamaica.

The no-cash transaction would be worth some US $4 million in the first instance.

This step follows a recent revolving door plan with Trinidad and Tobago.

The Jamaica initiative has been negotiated as the social and economic hardship in Venezuela continues to worsen.

Rice and beans are among the food items to be shipped to Venezuela.

The country’s socialist leader Nicolas Maduro has refused assistance from the United Nations, Amnesty International and other agencies.

Maduro has unveiled a plan in which people can be forced to work in the public and private sectors for at least 60 days at a time.

Critics have branded the forced labor as slavery and unlawful.

There are reports of more migrations – especially of youths – to Trinidad and Tobago, and their employment in the retail sector and as household domestics.

Shortages of food and drugs are now commonplace in the country of 30.4 million.

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