Nothing new for the new TTT …”WASTE OF TIME, MONEY”

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Waste of time and money!

That was the consensus on social media of the re-launch of TTT. The new entity came with a new logo which looks nothing like the TTT which folded up in 2005.

How much was spent on the new TTT?

A big launch attended by Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley and most of his Cabinet. Even Maxie Cuffie was there. It was Maxie who came up with the idea to disband CNMG because it was not making money.

Would the new TTT make money? Many doubt it because it is the same CEO, same staff and same programmes. The management plans to show old local movies in an effort to gain some ground on CNC3 and TV6. But the forecast is that the new TTT will continue to lose money.

Then what? Sell it off?

In his most boring address, Rowley said the new TTT television station must be the gold standard of quality in broadcasting and lead the charge in providing factual, accurate information and combating fake news.

Here Rowley, “In closing CNMG, we’re opening the door to a brighter future.”

Rowley said TTT needed to adhere to high standards because of the seriousness of the role the media plays in citizens’ lives.

In a time when one has to question everything seen and misinformation, he said TTT has the role of building a reputation as a bastion for correct information. If a question arises on something that’s “trending” and if it’s seen or heard on TTT, “… you’ll know it’s been checked.”

Rowley said it’s important for the station to not just broadcast news or provide a platform for creativity but facilitate the creation of local content. He said with the negativity seen in the news, it was important to produce programmes that elevate, entertain and drive people to a higher quality of life.

He added, “Rather than be news carrier, it’s more important for this generation of TTT to be a programme producer of content for Trinidd and Tobago and externally.”

Rowley said the media is an integral part of Trinidad and Tobago’s quality of life. He said he’d had two friends in the media, one of whom he taught in school. He said he’d once disagreed on state-owned media but over time changed that view. He cited the US’ PBS and UK’s BBC as proof of a role for the state in media.

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