“No bail for $3M land fraud”

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An East Dry River man was denied bail on Tuesday when he appeared before a Port of Spain Magistrate charged for attempting to defraud a Chaguanas used car dealer of $3 million.

Sean Lord, 50, of 6 Marcano Quarry Road, appeared before Magistrate Cheron Raphael.

It is alleged that Lord during the period March 28-31, attempted to defraud the used car dealer $3 million by falsely pretending he was the registered owner of the property at 10 Camaca Road, South Valsayn, and had the legal authority to sell the property.

Lord protested when the charge was read and tried to offer an explanation but Raphael said that she was not entertaining any statements from him as the matter was for the Chaguanas Magistrates Court.

She said, “My business is to read the charge and transfer the matter.”

Lord said he wanted to see his children when told that bail would not be considered since the case was to be transferred and the magistrate in that court will deal with the issue of bail.

He will appear before a Chaguanas magistrate on Thursday. Lord was then remanded to prison.

Lord was arrested last week after investigations by officers of the Fraud Squad.

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