No arrests made as yet …”COUPLE SHOT DEAD”

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Was it a robbery or a hit?

This is what is baffling police after a husband and wife were brutally shot dead at their home in Williamsville on Thursday afternoon.

The dead persons were identified as farmers, Dipchand Heeralal, 53, and Radha Baldeo.

Their bodies were found in their home at American Flat, Kumar Village, Williamsville. Police confirmed that the couple were shot multiple times. Police said that a relative went to the house shorty after 4 pm and called out to Heeralal.

When he got no response, he looked inside and saw Heeralal, aka Kumar, covered with blood on ground in the living room.

A short distance away was Baldeo slouched under a table. Neighbours told the police they last saw the couple alive around midday on Wednesday. Police are trying to determine if anything was stolen from the house.

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