No apology from Rowley for his steups

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If Newsday reporter, Sean Douglas, felt he was going to get an apology from Prime Minister Dr. Keith Rowley for steupsing last Monday, think again.

Rowley turned up at the post-cabinet press briefing on Thursday, and while defending his steups, he failed to apologize for what he had done at the press conference after the results of the Local Government Elections were known on Monday night.

Rowley made no apology. Instead, he gave a lengthy explanation for his steups.
He said he was aggravated by the misinformation about the percentage of voters who cast their ballots that day and being repeated by political commentators and reporters that night.

Rowley added, “My reaction was to the misinformation that was being peddled and it was aggravating to me. And it’s still a matter of concern to me that the media can be so manipulated to accept misinformation and then exercise that misinformation as questions to me”.

He added: “If you were there you would realize I was being asked about the rejection of the party which I lead, which my response was that we were simply not rejected. An election is a process by which you determine something and that determination is done by the persons who come out to vote and then you count the votes… tonight’s exercise is counting the votes as cast to determine who would have won the right to be in the executive as an exercise.

“And in so far the questions were shifting from that to who didn’t come out and born on that who is rejected by who didn’t come out, that wasn’t the point at which I wanted to discuss that”.

Rowley said that the voter turn-out was similar to the 2013 local government elections.
He said the misinformation being conveyed in the media was the voter turn-out of 17 per cent voter turn-out when it was 34 percent.

“Our information on the data that was available to us is that the turnout was relatively normal for the local government elections. It was a 34 per cent turnout but on Monday night the media accepted (the) misinformation,” he said.

Rowley said the Peoples National Movement (PNM) was able to secure 82 seats of the 137 contested.
He said the PNM has seven seats controlled solely by the party and has seats in every other regional corporation except the Penal/Debe Regional Corporation.

He also said that he was pleased with the results of the elections.


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