Nine months after being killed… BOY’S REMAINS GO FOR CREMATION

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Darian Nedd, 14, was killed nine months ago, but it was only on Friday his mother, Christine, was able to get his remains for cremation.
Christine collected the charred remains of her son from the Forensic Science Centre, Federation Park, still unaware of how he died.
The body was kept for nine months after his burnt body was found in the ruins of his home at Red Brick Trace, South Oropouche, on March 20.  Police were awaiting confirmation from DNA tests to confirm his identity.
Christine said while putting her son to rest would bring a certain amount of closure, the fact that the autopsy could not determine how he died was a bitter pill to swallow.
“I wanted to know how he died. His hands and feet were missing. I will never know if he died before his killer set fire to the house or if he was alive and left for the fire to consume him. That is a secret only he and his killer know now.”
Christine added, “I dreaded this happening. This is a real horror. All of the feelings I experienced on the day he died is coming back fresh, fresh. I could never get no justice, no satisfaction, because nothing could bring him back. But losing your son and not knowing how it happened is worse than anything I or any mother could ever experience.”
She said it has taken courage and her faith in God, to rebuild and live in the same area. Her son’s remains would be brought back to his home for a final service next week before being cremated. His ashes would be strewn on the burnt out spot of where he died.
“That is where the rest of his body is. I don’t want to separate him.”
On Tuesday, 25-year-old fisherman Roger Ragoonath re-appeared in the Siparia Magistrate’s court charged with Darian’s murder. The matter has been adjourned to January next year.
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