New Police Commssioner …”COPS DID WELL”

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New Commissioner of Police, Gary Griffith, has commended police officers who did well in the aftermath of Tuesday’s 6.9 earthquake.

Donning police tactical wear for the first time, Griffith said the police officers went above and beyond the call of duty and there were no major incidents reported.

From the moment the earthquake struck, Griffith went to the National Operations Fusion Centre and rallied his troops to ensure that citizens were safe.

But he had a concern that there were people spreading fake news. He advised the public to disregard fake news and accept information from reputable agencies in particular government agencies. Griffith said fake news were the major problem for his officers in their operational effectiveness.

He added that immediately after the earthquake, he and other heads of the National Security Ministry met and his officers patrolled hot

spots and transportation hubs all night.

Griffith said that the operational plans worked and the police service was ready for both natural and man made disasters. Griffith said on Tuesday night areas that had no electricity, his officers were dispatched to reduce the opportunity of crime particularly in hot spot areas.

Griffith said he remained in communication with his divisional commanders throughout the night as well as Ministries of Public Utilities and Works and Transport, giving and receiving up to date information.

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