Never forget how Chandra Naraynsingh died …NOW WOMAN GUNNED DOWN BEFORE COURT

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More than 22 years ago, Shawn Parris pretended to be a patient at the Langmore Health Foundation in San Fernando. But he was there for another purpose. As soon as Dr. Chandra Naraynsingh emerged from the building, Parris whipped out a gun and killed her.

Parris was eventually caught and sentenced to 30 years in prison.

On Thursday morning, a similar type killing took place in Gasparillo.

Cheryl Joan Cooper, a mother of four, was hunted down and shot dead on the street outside her house in Harmony Hall near Gasparillo. er companion, Carl Edmund was also shot but survived.

The shooting happened at 6 am. and the killer apparently was waiting.

The couple lived at Granada Terrace. They had just walked out of the house and gotten into a car to take Cooper to her work site where she was a CEPEP laborer when a man stepped out of a vehicle parked nearby.

The man started shooting. Cooper died at the scene. Edmund was taken to the hospital.

Cooper’s daughter Shivaughn Moffat said her mother was due in court on Friday for a court matter involved a house, and that she had been threatened many times in the past. There are multiple police reports regarding threats, the daughter said.

Police are trying to get CCTV footage from the area in order to track the suspect.



Chandra was shot dead on June 29, 2994. Shaun Parris was identified as the suspect after his fingerprint was found on Chandra’s car. Parris had a criminal record, so he was traced and a search began for him.

Parris fled the country, apparently with the assistance of influential persons who were able to give him a false passport and money ‘to lie low’. It was obvious that the person(s) who hired him wanted him to stay as far away from Trinidad as possible.

The investigation remained open for years and many people felt that there would not have been a prosecution, successful or otherwise. But sometime in 2000, there was a breakthrough. Parris was caught in the United States after he ran afoul of the law there. When Interpol checks were carried out, the US authorities discovered there was a warrant for Parris’ arrest for murder in Trinidad.

Parris resisted his extradition to Trinidad but, because he was deemed to have overstayed his visit to the US, he was simply deported, where on arrival at Piarco Airport, he was taken into custody. He was later charged with Chandra’s murder.

In February 2004, there was an astonishing development when Parris pleaded guilty and confessed to killing Chandra. Here was the man who carried out this brutal act, getting off lightly with a manslaughter plea. Justice Herbert Volney wasted little time, carting Parris off to jail where he must remain for 30 years.


A PH driver was found handcuffed, stabbed multiple times and dumped in bushes at Indian Walk, Moruga, on Wednesday night.

The body of 44-year-old Morris Mendoza was discovered by police officers who followed a trail of blood into an agriculture field off Fifth Company Branch Road.

A report stated that officers on patrol observed a blue Nissan Wingroad wagon abandoned at the side of the roadway along a lonely track at around 10 pm.

The officers searched the vehicle and found blood stains on the driver and front passenger seats.

Police said the officers used flashlights to follow the trail of blood through the bushes. Mendoza’s body was found lying face down about 200 feet from the vehicle.

Mendoza lived at Poui Trace, St Mary’s Village, Moruga.
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