Mystery drowning in Tobago

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Police are investigating the mysterious circumstances surrounding the drowning of Vijay Jaglal at Stone Haven, Black Rock on Friday.

According to reports, around 3 pm. Jaglal, 33, was at the beach with his wife, Michelle Rivers, and three step children, Saran Ali, Ashley Rivers and John Pantin.

Jaglal entered the water with Saran and Ashley however, some time later, Rivers was alerted by her son John that Vijay, Saran and Ashley were experiencing difficulty in the water and an alarm was raised.

Abdul Lasheen, an American citizen vacationing in Tobago, and Susan Hirschmann, a scuba instructor of Sou Sou Lands, Tobago, heard the distress call and went to assist.

They were able to save Saran and Ashley, but by the time Jaglal was brought to the shore, he was not responding. Jaglal and the children were rushed to the Scarborough General Hospital for treatment via an EHS ambulance, but Jaglal was pronounced dead while undergoing emergency treatment.

Jaglal was described as a good swimmer and his family are wondering what went wrong for him to lose control in what they consider to be a shallow area of the beach.

According to an eyewitness, “it happened so fast, I cannot believe that a man drowned right there. People come and people go and people are always bathing there without problems. Something is not right. Maybe he got cramps, or suffered a heart attack. I suppose the autopsy will say……”


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