Muslim gang leader ambushed …”FISH” SHOT DEAD

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A gang leader was shot dead on Monday afternoon on the day of the funeral of a man he was accused of murdering last week.

Kevon “Fish” Joseph was a back-seat passenger, travelling along Belmont Circular Road, when the car was ambushed by two gunmen, who began shooting at the vehicle.

The driver turned into Hermitage Road, got out of the Toyota Corolla and left Joseph in the back seat.

Eyewitnesses said the gunmen walked closer to the vehicle and shot Joseph several times at close range. He died on the spot. The car was also shot up.

The District Medical Officer ordered the body be taken to the Forensic Science Centre, Federation Park, where an autopsy will be performed on Tuesday.

The driver of the vehicle, who sustained minor injuries from the broken glass, was questioned by police.

Homicide detectives said that Joseph was a known offender and was affiliated to the Muslim gang.

Police sources said investigators suspect that Joseph’s murder was gang-related as it was committed in an area of the community controlled by a rival gang. Only on Monday, Joseph appeared in the Port-of-Spain Magistrates’ Court on a drug charge.

Joseph’s murder comes two weeks after rival gang members were killed in an incident in the community.

On May 24, Kareem Stanisclaus, 30, and another man went to Walcott Lane, Gonzales, where they shot and killed 17-year-old Kobe Brown.

As they were fleeing the scene, they were ambushed by Brown’s friends. Stanisclaus died on the scene, while the other gunman managed to escape.  Stanisclaus was buried on Monday after his funeral service.

On May 26, Daniel Fevecque, 22, was shot dead on a construction site at Shine Street, Port-of- Spain.

Reports are that Fevecque, from Gonzales, was in the company of co-worker Keith Walcott at a building where they were both working when a gunman opened fire on them killing Fevecque instantly.

Walcott who was also shot was taken to the Port-of-Spain General Hospital for treatment. The building where Fevecque died is owned by One Caribbean Media/Trinidad Express.

Investigations are continuing into all thse murders.

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