Murders continue with no end in sight…HINDS: “I AM NOT A COP”

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Minister Fitzgerald Hinds said on television on Monday morning he is not a policeman and therefore it is not his role to fight crime.

The same applies to Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley and Minister of National Security, Edmund Dillon.

But he said the Government has a responsibility to ensure the safety of the people of Trinidad and Tobago.

Hinds responded to the bloodshed in his constituency, Laventille, where three innocent persons, including a 16-year-old schoolboy were killed as the gang war escalates.

He said he was very saddened at what happened last Friday night in Laventille. “I am calling on these people to change their ways. I want to see more sustained efforts until we bring this situation under control. Yes, I would agree to lock down Laventille because there are too many guns in this community.

“The anti-gang legislation is in place. The police have been asking for this, they have been trained. So go out there and arrest these people. We fought the UNC over this legislation and now we have it.”

Hinds said he would like to see the police target the gangs, get rid of the guns, get to the bottom of this. It is not only in Laventille, but throughout the country.

He said there are persons who know who the gang members are in Laventille. They report this to the police, but the police must also be professional and confidential in their approach.

Hinds’ comments came after two more murders were reported this weekend.


Eric Ganesh, 18, is the latest victim of murder.

Ganesh murdered by his neighbour’s house in Princes Town on Saturday night.

Police believe Ganesh was killed by a bullet meant for another person. According to reports, around 10.35 pm, Ganesh was at his friend’s graphics shop next door to his home at St Charles Village.

They were putting wrapping (stickers) on a motorbike when a man entered the yard and pointed a gun at them.

He fired several shots, hitting Ganesh in the head. No one else was injured. The shooter then ran to the junction where he entered a car and escaped.

Father Vishnu Ganesh said he and his wife had just closed up their barbecue hut in front of their home and went upstairs.

He said Ganesh, who went next door by his friend, called to say he would be home in a while.  Vishnu added,, “All of a sudden I just hear something like firecracker. We ran outside, I saw a shooter shooting and he ran away. When I came outside I saw two guys hiding. We shout out to Dillon, ‘Where is Eric?’ He say Eric on the ground. “I ran outside, my wife behind and when I went in the property, open the gate, I see Eric flat on the ground so I just hug him up. I don’t know what I did. I think I was screaming.”

He said someone went in pursuit of the shooter but one of the tyres blew out.


A man was shot dead on Saturday night in front of his Red Hill, Morvant, home.

Kadeem Bowen, 25, was pronounced dead on arrival at the Port-of-Spain General Hospital.

According to reports, around 11.15 pm, Bowen was on the roadway, just outside his house. His mother, who lives a short distance away, heard loud explosions.

She asked one of her other sons to check and when he did, he saw his brother lying on the ground.

They immediately called the police. The poice took Bowen to the hospital.

Investigators said Bowen was not known to the police and were still working on a motive for his killing.

Homicide officers are continuing investigations. No one has been arrested.

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