Murder toll gallops to 485 …”3 KILLED IN CHAGUANAS”

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Three persons were killed in Chaguanas on Saturday, sending the murder toll to 485 with seven days to go before the end of the year.

In that same incident, another woman was shot and is in critical condition, while a 15-month-old baby was grazed by a bullet.

According to a police report, around 5 am on Saturday, gunmen entered a small board house at Bridel Road, Jerningham Junction, Cunupia, and opened fire on the occupants. Dead are Roberta James, 27, Keston James, 28 and Wellington Thomas, 31.

The couple and Wellington were asleep along with the infants and Roberta’s three-year-old daughter. James had a five-year-old son from another relationship, but he was not at the house when the attack took place.

Senior Superintendent Kenny Mc Intyre, head of the Central Division, said police could not find any motive for the killing since the dead persons were involved in the scrap iron business and appeared to be law abiding citizens.

Mc Intyre added,  “For any person to die under these circumstance is tragic, I understand they were law abiding citizens, we are putting our best teams on this and have started inquiries immediately.”

Mc Intire said when police got to the scene around 5.40 am, a female occupant of the house told the police she was shot along with three other people in the house. Mc Intyre said the woman was rushed to the hospital along with the infant. James’ daughter was taken to the home of a nearby relative. Relatives of the Vandana Mohit, Councillor for Cunupia in the Chaguanas Borough Corporation, was at the scene.

Mohit said, “This is unfortunate that three people were murdered, this is a very peaceful village, but the murder rate has been rising in the Chaguanas area in the past few months.

“We are seeing crime getting out of control in Trinidad and Tobago and people are no longer feeling safe.”

Mohit said police have been doing numerous patrols in the area, but described Chaguanas and the Cunupia area in general as the new crime hot spot. “This area is now becoming a crime hot spot.”

 Neighbour Nirmala Seukaran said she ran over to the house next door, armed with only a flashlight to discover her neighbours dead in bed.

She added, “I heard these explosions and I thought it was fireworks.

But then Michelle come knocking on the door screaming that someone shot them. I run out and I had a flashlight with me and found the baby holding onto Binta’s leg. I tried to shake them but there was blood on them. I take the children and bring them by me. I then called the police.”

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