Murder of a schoolboy …IS GARCIA FOR REAL?

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Is Education Minister Anthony Garcia for real?

Garcia, who does not have a grip on the education system, is now playing police.

Commenting on the death of schoolboy Jesse Beephan earlier this week,  Garcia

wants to assure the public that the murder was not as a result of any school-related incident. How did he know that? investigators are asking. As far as the police are concerned, they have not told the Minister what they have.

Garcia said there were a lot of rumours and false information being spread on social media, some alleging that Beephan’s organs were removed.

However he said this has been confirmed to be untrue by the boy’s parents.

Beephan’s body was found in a storm drain close to the Waterloo Secondary school, where he was a student.

He was reported missing by his mother on Monday night, after he didn’t return home from school.

Persons on social media have been speculating that Beephan may have been a victim of school violence or bullying.

Suspicion was also being cast on Beephan’s friends who reportedly told police they last saw him getting into a vehicle on Monday afternoon. There was speculation that his friends may have been involved in the murder.

However Garcia said based on certain information received from school authorities, this was not the case.

“It had nothing to do with school violence,” he said. “It was not a result of any school-related incident. That is the information that we have.”

He said police are doing their investigations and the Ministry is awaiting the outcome so he would not make any further comments that may compromise the investigations.
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