Murder of a police officer …TOP COP: VICIOUS AND BARBARIC

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Acting Commissioner of Police, Stephen Williams, has described the murder of woman police constable Nyasha Joseph as a vicious and barbaric act.

Williams said investigators were pursing the case to ensure the 22-year-old officer’s killers are brought to justice. He added, “It has traumatized the nation and it has traumatized the entire Police Service.”

Williams said. “Such a vicious and barbaric act by individual or individuals is one, no one in this society would endorse or condone. I want to give the public the assurance that we are going to continue to focus on this investigation in a special way because it is a police officer who has died, but we will also continue to focus on other investigations in a special way. We extend resources at our disposal to solve crimes. In this particular instance, the entire society has been traumatized. And we have to lift our game to ensure this crime is solved.”

He added further, “I will tell you the investigation is being pursued at this point time with all effort. We have detained several persons and I would not give the names of the name of those persons at this point in time, but yes we have detained persons.

“There are some key indicators but I don’t want to share at this point in time. We will brief the media in a substantial way shortly.” When questioned about a video circulating on social media with what seems to be WPC Joseph being choked and tugged by a male friend, Williams said he is unaware of the particular incident but went on to say he will reserve any further information surrounding the death of WPC Joseph, at this time. 

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