Murder of a police officer …WHO REALLY KILLED NYASHA?

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The police have their work cut out for them. The Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP), Roger Gaspard, has an even harder task to go through evidence on Sunday to determine if there is any evidence to charge someone with the murder of woman police officer, Nyasha Joseph.

The evidence is circumstantial, but police believe they have the right suspects in custody.

There are no eyewitnesses to the killing, neither do the police know, after an autopsy, how Nyasha died.

They believe that the first suspect in custody may be responsible for Nyasha’s disappearance on March 9. They suspect that a boat man, may be responsible for taking Nyasha’s body out to sea. They believe that one of the suspects is a Sea Lots romeo with five women, and a fight among the women could have led to Nyasha’s demise.

Investigators also believe that since becoming a police officer in November 2016, Nyasha wanted to change her life and move away from a Sea Lots man. That, they say, could have led to her death as she may have been privy to information in the Sea Lots area. That is one of the reasons she moved back with her mother in Morvant.

What about the romeo police officer who was behind her at the Morvant Police Station where she worked? Was this romeo questioned by Homicide officers?

The main suspect has already informed investigators that he has nothing to say based on legal advice. But he did give vital information, hence the search for Joseph in the Caroni area.

Another man who surrendered to police on Wednesday night, also has denied any involvement in Nyasha’s murder.

Investigators have until Monday to lay charges against the first suspect, who has been in custody since March 10. His lawyers have argued a habeas corpus application, which prevents him from being detained for an unspecified period without charge.

Nyasha, 22, a mother of one, went missing on March 9 after leaving her home at Marie Road, Morvant, reportedly to attend to police matters.

Joseph’s relatives and colleagues hopes of seeing her alive were shattered around 11 am last Wednesday, when her decomposing body was discovered by a fisherman, trawling for shrimp in the Gulf of Paria, just off Sea Lots.

Joseph’s body was wrapped in a plastic bag with weights tied to her feet. The young woman’s face also was smashed and her hands tied behind her back.

An autopsy performed on her body was inconclusive due to its advanced state of decomposition.

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