The murder of a police officer …HOW DID NYASHA DIE?

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How did woman police constable Nyasha Joseph die?

Well, after an autopsy on Thursday, not even the pathologist can say.

An autopsy performed by Dr. Eastyln McDonald Burris was inconclusive due to the advanced state of decomposition of the body.

Further tests are expected to be done, and DNA and tissue samples have been secured to be examined. According to reports, Joseph’s face was bashed in and there were rope marks around the neck. No one can say for now, whether she was strangled, stabbed, chopped, or shot.

Meanwhile, six persons are in custody being interrogated for the killing.

The latest is a woman from Carenage, described as the “horner woman” in a love triangle.

Then, there are two men from Sea Lots.

The woman was detained after it was discovered that she had an altercation with Joseph days before the officer left home and was never seen alive again. 

On Wednesday night, hours after Joseph’s body was fished from the sea, a 24-year-old Sea Lots man surrendered to police after learning he was sought in connection with the murder. Police believe this suspect is a boat owner and may have key information on how Joseph’s body was disposed of.

Police said the main suspect, detained since last Friday, has so far refused to cooperate with investigators, but has given vital information. 

Police are working on a theory that some time last week Thursday, Joseph was lured to Sea Lots by a man whom she was romantically involved with. She was killed and then dumped in the sea. Joseph, 22, worked at the Morvant Police Station. She was enlisted into the Police Service in November 2016.

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