Murder of a police officer …”DID THIS COP SEE HIS DEATH?”

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Did Special Reserve Policeman Richard Babwah see his death coming?

That is a question which his colleagues and relatives are asking based on things he did leading up to his murder on Monday evening in Arouca.

Babwah started buying up Christmas gifts for his two daughters since September. These gifts were already wrapped and placed under the Christmas tree.

His widow, Akeba Babwah, recalled Monday afternoon:

“I sent him a message at 5.47 pm, but he didn’t respond. Minutes after, I got a phone call from a friend who asked if it was true that my husband died. I told them no and hung up then I called his mom, Arlene, on her home phone and I asked her where Richard was. She said he just left her home. I tried calling him again, but I didn’t get any answer. I ran into my brother’s bedroom crying, and it was there I saw it on television.”

Akeba said Babwah was trying as much as possible to make sure their Christmas was the best ever.

She added, “We started getting Christmas gifts since September. I ordered all their toys online, and he would be on my back every day to make sure I placed orders for the kids. I asked them what they would like and they gave me a wish list and he filled it out to the letter. He said he wanted this Christmas to be the best ever, so we started preparing early.”

Akeba and their two daughters also got gifts for him. She got him a Nike Libra sneakers, and the children pooled together and bought him a wallet. Babwah was planning to begin cleaning this week and getting groceries for Christmas.

Babwah, 40, a Special Reserve Police officer with four years’ service, was shot dead while attempting to foil a robbery at the Long Yuan Chinese Restaurant, Eastern Main Road, Arouca.

He was at the restaurant just before 6 pm on Monday when two bandits rushed in and announced a hold-up.

Babwah drew his service pistol to stop the bandits but they shot him multiple times in his chest and face. He slumped to the ground and died on the spot, while the bandits ran out of the restaurant and escaped in a red Nissan Almera car driven by a third man.

The three men were caught soon after in Maloney, One was shot and wounded. He is under guard at the Eric Williams Medical Sciences Complex, Mount Hope.

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