The murder of a police officer …2 CHARGED WITH COP’S DEATH

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 Two persons – a man and a woman – have been charged with the murder of woman police constable Nyasha Joseph.

They will both appear before a Port-of-Spain Magistrate on Monday.

One is a 39-year-old man of Sea Lots, described as a romeo in his community. He has been described as being romantically linked to Joseph, who tried to get out of the relationship in recent times.

The other is a 36-year-old woman of Carenage, who is also romantically linked to the other accused. According to reports, she hated Joseph with a passion.

Four other suspects who questioned, were released, included a man who now becomes a protected State witness.

Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) Roger Gaspard gave instructions on Sunday to charge the two suspects.

The DPP spent close to four hours perusing the police file before giving the instructions. 

The female suspect was detained  last Wednesday, hours before Joseph’s body was fished out of the Gulf of Paria. 

The male suspect was detained on March 10, one day after Joseph was reported missing. He was taken to the Riverside Plaza office of the Homicide Bureau where he continued to deny any involvement in the murder of the WPC.

On Thursday, he went before a High Court judge to seek a writ of habeas corpus to have him released but the judge gave the police until Monday to lay any charge or release him.

Last Wednesday, two fishermen were trawling for shrimp and fished out Joseph’s decomposing body from the sea. When the body was viewed by a District Medical Officer, the killers tied a rope around the neck of the officer in which two foundation blocks were attached as well as an iron anchor. Her hands were tied behind her back with rope and a stone placed in her hands while the right side of her face was bashed in and disfigured.

An autopsy revealed the death was inconclusive however. 

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