Murder of PC Nyasha Joseph …BOAT MAN IN CUSTODY

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Two men are now in custody for the murder of Woman Police Constable Nyasha Joseph, whose body was fished out of the Gulf of Paria on Wednesday.

One man has been in custody since last Thursday, hours after Joseph disappeared. The second man surrendered to the police on Wednesday night, hours after Joseph’s body was recovered.

Now the man who has been in custody for the past week, wants to be released. His lawyers have filed an application for a writ of habeas corpus which will come up for hearing on Thursday.

They are complaining that the suspect has been tortured while in custody at Riverside Plaza, he cannot sleep, he is being interviewed at all hours of the night, and this was having an adverse effect on his health. The lawyers contend that the suspect should have only been kept for 48 hours or be charged. It is seven days now that he has been in custody without charge.

The second suspect, 24, surrendered to the police at Sea Lots on Wednesday night and was taken to the Four Roads Police Station.

This new development came after the suspect’s father was told by the police that he should convince his son to surrender, after pictures of the suspect began circulating on social media on Wednesday. Posts accompanying the photo also suggested police were seeking the man in connection with Joseph’s murder.

The father’s home was searched on Tuesday by officers and again on Wednesday morning.

The father said: “They looking for him because he own a boat and they search the boy phone (the suspect in custody) and got his number. They not saying he did it, is just he own a boat. He and the fella does gamble and thing together so they looking for him. When I see him, I can’t call him because he have no phone, I will tell him to surrender.”

Ever since Joseph went missing last week Thursday, her colleagues had lit candles at the Morvant Police Station, where she last worked. On Wednesday night, a planned candle light vigil turned into a wake for Joseph, who had been described by her superiors as hard-working with a lot of potential.


The search ended on Wednesday when Felicity fishermen, trawling for shrimp in the Gulf of Paria off Sea Lots, discovered her body stuffed head first inside a crocus bag.

Adrian Ramjattan and his uncle decided to fish in that particular area of the sea on Wednesday. Ramjattan said around 11.15 am, he looked into the water to see if shrimp were taking his bait, when he saw a human leg still wearing a white slipper protruding from the bag which rested on the seabed.

It turned out to be a woman whose hands were tied behind her back and a stone secured in the knot. There were two large stones and a steel anchor secured around her neck. Her face was bashed in.

On seeing the leg underwater, Ramjattan and his uncle Indar Jaggernath alerted the owner of the boat who in turn contacted the police. Coast Guard divers arrived on the scene and freed the woman’s body from the bag and took the corpse to the Tobago Ferry Terminal where it was viewed by a District Medical Officer (DMO). It was there it was determined that the body was that of Joseph.

Ramjattan added, “If this is the woman police officer, it is truly a sad day to see how a human being could be dumped like an animal,” Ramjattan said. He added that it was God’s will to compel him to choose that area of the sea to trawl for shrimp and for the bait board to come into contact with the crocus bag.

An autopsy will be performed on Thursday at the Forensic Sciences Center, Federation Park.

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