Murder of John Rahael’s nephew …”WAITING 13 YEARS FOR TRIAL”

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It has taken close to 13 years to bring five men on trial for the murder of Dr Eddie Koury, the nephew of former Health Minister, John Rahael.

It demonstrates once again how the wheels of justice turns slowly.

The trial started on Monday and will last a long time as there are at least 89 prosecution witnesses to be called.

Five men are on trial before Justice Malcolm Holdip in the Port-of-Spain High Court – Caleb Donaldson, Shawn James, Robert Franklin, Jerome Murray and Terry Moore.

Koury, 35, the chief executive officer at ISKO Ltd, a company which sells medical equipment, was at his office at 7.45 am on September 21, 2005, when four men armed with guns held him up.

They robbed Koury of a quantity of items, including computers, and then bundled him into a taxi. The taxi had earlier been stolen from taxi driver Ramsaran Samlal, 55, by the four kidnappers.

Samlal said the men hired the car to be taken to Curepe.

Instead, they stabbed Samlal several times and ordered him to drive to Macoya. After snatching Koury, the kidnappers stabbed him several times and then bundled him into the trunk of the taxi. They drove to Orange Grove Road where they abandoned the taxi and bundled Koury into another vehicle.

Samlal, who fainted after being stabbed, regained consciousness and alerted the police. He was rushed to the Eric Williams Medical Sciences Complex where he was treated and warded.

The bloodstained car was taken to the Arouca Police Station where it was dusted for fingerprints.

Officers later received information that Koury was seen being forced into a house at Reuben Drive, D’abadie.

Officers rushed to the scene and stormed the house, but the kidnappers had already fled the scene.

Police investigators believe the kidnappers were tipped off that they were on their way to the house.

Police were able to arrest five men after after Koury’s headless body had been found by villagers in bushes at Caparo. But to this day, Koury’s head has never been found. There has always been speculation what happened to the head, but with the trial underway, evidence will unfold.

Police said Koury stabbed three times in his chest while still in his office. Pamela Elder SC leads the team for the defence.

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