Murder of a couple in Williamsville …”VICTIMS HAD SPOUSES”

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The murder of a couple in Williamsville on Thursday showed one thing.

They were madly in love, but they both had spouses. In one case, one of the spouses never knew her husband was living with another woman.

Such was the case of Darcy Hosein. She almost suffered a heart attack when she learnt that her common-law husband, Dipchand Heeralal, 53, was living with Radha Baldeo. Radha walked away from her husband, Peter Baldeo.

Heeralal and Baldeo were shot dead in  house in Williamsville. No one was arrested.

Hosein said Heeralal returned to their Williamsville home every morning and collected food, market goods and a charged battery which powered the little shack he built on a two-acre agricultural plot he received from Caroni (1975) Limited five years ago.

Hosein said he enjoyed being on the land where he planted crops and reared livestock, so he had eventually stopped living home.

However, she never knew that Baldeo, also 53, had moved in with Heeralal at the ranch. “I met her ten years ago when she run away with him but I thought that done, and that she had gone back to her husband.”

Hosein added, “When I heard someone kill him, I went down there to see and I could have fall down and died from a heart attack when I realize she died with him. It really hurting me.”

She said she did not know who killed the couple, adding there was no malice on either side of the family. She said Baldeo’s husband was Heeralal’s good friend.

Hosein admitted she often worried about her husband and told him to come back home.

She added, “He was suffering from a heart disease and I used to worry if he taking his tablets. He used to go there and drink alcohol. They used to all drink together. I could not handle that.

“I stayed here with my children and I never went to see where he lives. He always told me to call him before I come down there. Now I know why.”

Brother-in-law Kamaludin Mohammed said Heeralal was happy living on the land. He later started to work at a duck farm located opposite his ranch.

Mohammed added, “It quiet and nice. He could do as he please. We knew he had the other woman here but what could we say? It was not our business.

“Radha’s children used to come here and lime too. They worked together on the duck farm. Her husband used to visit. That was how they lived.” Mohammed described Heeralal as a nice man who loved to work hard.

Police have no motive for the murders. Heeralal was still wearing his jewellery when he was found dead but the house had been ransacked. Heeralal and Baldeo were last seen alive around 5 pm on Wednesday. On Thursday, when a relative went to check on them, he found the couple lying dead from gunshot wounds.

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