Murder in Sangre Grande …”AMPUTEE CHARGED”

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Kevin Civilien, an amputee, has been charged with the murder  of Shammy Phillip in Sangre Grande.

He appeared before Magistrate Cheron Raphael in the Sangre Grande Magistrates Court on Wednesday.

Civilien, 37, was also charged with a gun and ammunition possession charge.

Last Friday, Civilien of Ramdass Trace, Sangre Grande, went to the Mahabir Transport Company, armed with a gun, and was talking with the owner, when the conversation got heated and he took out his gun and fired.

Phillip, who was taking a cigarette break nearby was hit in the chest and died on the spot.

Police later arrested Civilien, who lives nearby.

Civilien was remanded to the Golden Grove Prison, and his case adjourned to September 26.

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