Murder in Laventille

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A man was ambushed and shot dead along the Eastern Main Road in Laventille on Tuesday.

The victim Kareem Michael, 22, lived at Romain Lands, Morvant. According to reports, at about 10 pm, Michael hired a taxi to drop him and a woman, whom he had met recently at a concert, to a specific location.

However, as the vehicle neared Trinidad Citrus Growers off the Eastern Main Road, the woman jumped out of the car and ran off. Four men pulled up in another vehicle and shot Michael several times. He died at the scene as the gunmen drove off.

Relatives said Michael was a hard-working young man, who encouraged people in his community to strive for excellence. A relative revealed that this was not the first time Michael was attacked by gunmen. The relative claimed that persons became jealous when Michael was involved in a State-funded contract to carry out construction work in the area and they were left out.

No one has been arrested.

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