Murder count reaches 488 …”2 KILLED DURING CHRISTMAS”

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Two murders over the Christmas weekend, has brought the murder toll for the year to 488.

One murder took place in Diego Martin, and the other on Nelson Street, Port-of-Spain.

Dwayne Knight, 31, was shot dead while he was liming at a maxi taxi hub at Patna Village, Diego Martin, around 9 am on Tuesday.

Witnesses said Knight was liming at the time of the incident. He worked as a PH driver and also washed maxis taxis to earn a living.

Knight’s wife, April-Ann, said they had only been married for about three years.

One of the persons who knew Knight, said, “He never harass nobody, he was real cool. What I want to know is why the police picked up the shells before the forensic people get here. That is tampering with evidence and contaminating the crime scene.

April-Ann who was on the scene added, “We were supposed to move back to Diego Martin last Friday. We were going to build our own place here. We were living in San Juan, but things real hard.”

She said they were on their way to visit family in Diego Martin when Knight dropped her off at her mother’s home and left to give a friend a lift to Blue Basin.

She added, “I just got a call and they tell me Dwayne get shoot. Look the ham was hot in the microwave waiting for when Dwayne got home.

He was not a perfect person, I can’t say that, but he had come a long way in changing his life. We together for ten years and he was a person who if he say that car green, then it must be green. He was not wicked or malicious, but he was opinionated. Before he changed he used to hang out with the wrong crowd. He had changed so much.”

In the other incident, Robert Carrington, 57, was shot dead at a bar opposite to his mother Virginia’s home, where he sometimes stayed.

At around 8.15 pm on Christmas night, shots rang out, but Virginia was not bothered as she was already in bed.

She added, “I got up to use the bathroom and then I got a call that Robert fall and was bleeding. I thought maybe it was his diabetes and he fell and maybe hit his head. It was only later they said he was shot in the chest.

“We were not close. He would sometimes come here and sometimes he would go and sleep by his friend. I can’t say for sure why he was killed, but I do know he was very ignorant because he was always right, so his death is neither here nor there. But, I think it was a stray bullet that hit him.”

Carrington had one daughter, aged 19.

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