Murder accused found dead in cell …”HOW DID MICHAEL DIE?”

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How did murder accused Michael George die?

George, 29, of Indian Walk, Moruga, was found dead in his cell at the Golden Grove State Prison on Sunday morning. He had been in prison for only three weeks.

Both the police and prisons authorities are awaiting the results of a post-portem to determine how George, a healthy prisoner, die.

George was remanded into prison on October 23 after he appeared in court charged with the murder of Aaron Goorachan.

Goorachan was shot dead on September 21 at the Couva Extended Care Centre, where he was an employee.

According to prisons officials, George was found unresponsive in his cell around 6 am on Sunday at the Extended Remand Facility at the Golden Grove Prison, Arouca. He was pronounced dead by the prisons doctor Dr Vinod Mahabir. Prisons officials said George was mentally unstable and had been refusing meals for some time.

However, George’s relatives said he never had a history of mental illness. They  argued that after he was remanded to prison, they visited him and he appeared normal.”They only knew of George’s death when an inmate contacted the family.

The relatives found it was strange that no independent persons viewed the autopsy done by Dr Hughvon Des Vignes, as only a police officer and a prison officer were allowed to view the procedure. Why were relatives not allowed to witness the post-mortem, they asked.

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