Murder of 2 in Marabella … IS THERE A CHINESE MAFIA IN TRINIDAD?

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There are many rumours circulating about the recent assassination of Chinese nationals, Shirui Zhao and Yanli Gu.

What could they have done for two men to spray 60 bullets towards the couple who were seated in a car? Many of the bullets missed their mark, but the violence associated with the act, shows that the killers meant to ensure that the couple were dead…dead….dead.

What are the rumours?

That Zhao was a witness in a murder case. That he was robbed sometime ago and called the police and one of the bandits was killed. That he roughed up someone in his casino in Marabella. That he was part of the Chinese Mafia and left. That he was owing a large amount of money to a money lender.

The burning question: Is there a Chinese Mafia operating in Trinidad?

Sources in the Police Service believe so.

Are the murders of the two Chinese nationals linked to any other murders or crime in Trinidad?

Poice have received information that the murders might be linked the killing of Marabella resident, Everton Moses, 35, who was shot more than 30 times last week.

Moses was shot dead last Tuesday night while walking along Sea View Drive, Marabella,on his way to his mother’s birthday party. Two days later, on Thursday night, Zhao, 35, and Gu, 29, arrived at their apartment upstairs Kosume Bar, at the corner of John Street and New Haven Avenue, where two men wearing hoodies opened fire, pumping over 60 bullets into Zhao’s black Toyota Corolla Altis.

Their security guards followed them from Zhao’s business place at E World Club and Liquor Bank along Tarouba Road, Marabella, where Gu was employed, to their home, but sped off and went to the police station when the shooting started. Were these guards part of the entire set up? Police are looking into this aspect to determine the real motive for the killings.

Investigators pointed out that in recent times, Chinese nationals have been targeted for robbery. In some instances, some of the Chinese were killed during the course of the robbery. In one instance, a Chinese businessman was shot and killed at Ellerslie Park, Maraval. According to sources, this was ordered by the Chinese Mafia. No one was ever arrested for this.

There are thousands of Chinese nationals in Trinidad and Tobago and many have opened business places. At least half are without legal documents to stay in this country and the immigration authorities are short-staffed in their efforts to pursue them as well as thousands of other foreigners here illegally.


Shirui Zhao, right, and Yanli Gu.

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