Murder of 16-year-old boy …SUSPECT CAUGHT HIDING IN CHURCH

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A 59-year-old murder suspect was caught hiding in a church on Sunday not too far from where he shot a 16-year-old boy to death on Friday.

The suspect was held by a group of residents, including the mother of the dead boy hiding out in Day Break Church.
Homicide officers were able to capture the suspect after he was chased there by Keisha Etienne, mother of murder victim Josiah Martinez, and a few other relatives.

The suspect is said to be a relative of the dead boy, with whom he had gotten into recent fights, during which the teenager allegedly beat him up.

According to information received, Josiah was washing dishes when the suspect entered the house, went right up to the boy and pulled a gun.

Etienne told the media she was stunned but managed to shout out to the boy.

She added, “I see the man walk in and just pull out a gun. The only thing I coulda say was ‘Josiah!’ because he back was turned. He was washing dishes and when I say ‘Josiah’, he looks around. But he was up on him close and he shot him.”

Etienne said she tried to go towards her son but the man shot after her and she ended up in a corridor of the home.
The man shot Martinez several times, during which Etienne had come back and attacked the killer.

Josiah was rushed to the Port of Spain General Hospital, where he died.

Etienne said she was shocked to learn on Saturday night that the suspect was being harbored by a next door neighbor.

She said the family was on the lookout and the man was spotted in some bushes behind the houses on Saturday night.

She was told by a passing member of the community that the man was staying at the home of another person in the neighborhood.

She added, “Me and meh sisters run up and when we run up, he now done eat. The murderer now done eat and putting down he plate and meh sister spot him and we run him down. He runs in Day Break. We run in the church behind him, you understand? We hold him.”

She said the man was placed in a room by others in the church, who recognized that an angry mob was after him.
It was there that the police were able to nab him when they arrived.

The arrest is little consolation for Etienne, who said the man had threatened her family before but she never imagined that his hate would escalate to the point of murdering her teenage child.

The suspect was taken into custody. An autopsy will be performed on Monday at the Forensic Sciences Centre, Federation Park.


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