Motorists drive past and watch …”3 KIDNAPPERS ARRESTED”

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They were described as the most bold-faced kidnappers. Two men, along with the driver of a Suzuki car, took a rather long time to bundle a man into a car trunk.

That incident took place on Saturday night along the Lady Young Road, just below the Hilton Hotel.

The entire incident was filmed by someone in the Hilton car park and later posted on social media.

Two men are seen trying their utmost best to put their victim into the car trunk. What is even more amazing is that numerous motorists drove by, looked and then drove off. No one stopped to inquire what was happening. But it was clear from the video that someone was being placed in the car trunk.

A call was made from the Hilton car park to the police. Members of the Port-of-Spain Task Force responded, and intercepted the car. They freed the victim from the car trunk and arrested three men.

The car was impounded and is at the Belmont Police Station. Investigations are continuing.

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