Mother, daughter, shot …”HUNT FOR HUNTER”

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Police are searching for a 57-year-old hunter, who shot dead a woman and seriously wounded her daughter in Manzanilla on Saturday night.

According to reports, an argument broke out around 10 pm at a house at Plum Road, Manzanilla. During the argument, it is alleged that the hunter took up his shotgun and fired several shots.

The woman identified as Savita Ragoonanan, with whom the hunter had a relationship, died on the spot. Her daughter, Neermala Ragoonanan, 16, was wounded and rushed to hospital where she was treated.

Following the shooting, the hunter ran into nearby bushes and disappeared. This killing took the murder toll to 468.


Residents of Orchid Gardens, Pleasantville, hid in their homes on Friday night as a gunman opened fire inside a white Toyota Corolla, killing Robert Carter, a known drug dealer from Arima.

Police believe the shots were fired at close range.

Carter, 45, of Calvary Hill, Arima, died from bullet wounds to the head.

Investigators said he was known to the police and had a number of drug-related charges before the court.

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