More leave for Ivor Archie …”PAULA-MAE FOLLOWS CARMONA”

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President Paula-Mae Weekes has followed her predecessor Anthony Carmona and given Chief Justice Ivor Archie another six weeks of vacation.

Archie has gone abroad on vacation leave until the end of June.

An email sent by his administrative secretary, Shabiki Cazabon, to judges and Masters of the Supreme Court on Monday, advised that Archie would be out of the country from May 19 to June 30 to continue his vacation leave, which was cut short due to his mother’s death earlier this month.

The email stated that Allan Mendonca will act as Chief Justice between May 19 and June 7 and from June 18 to June 29. Justice Alice Yorke-Soo Hon will act as Chief Justice from June 8 to June 17.

This email came less than three weeks after a similar email was circulated on May 2, indicating that Archie’s vacation ended when he returned to Trinidad for his mother’s funeral that week.

Cheryl Lalla, communications consultant to President Paula-Mae Weekes, confirmed that Archie’s apparent second leave period was simply a continuation of the first, which was approved by former president Anthony Carmona, earlier this year.

Lalla added, “I think it was just a continuation of the leave. When you add it up, the previous leave was broken a few times.

“She (Weekes) granted permission for him to be out of the jurisdiction and as far as the leave is concerned it was granted before by her predecessor.”

The issue of Archie’s leave first arose in March after it was revealed that then President Carmona approved a six-month sabbatical to allow Archie to participate in a fellowship in the United States.

While Archie stated that the sabbatical policy was decided by the Salaries Review Commission (SRC) and an internal Judiciary sub-committee, Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley and several of his colleagues questioned whether an official policy was ratified.

Archie then announced that he would be taking 35 weeks’ accrued vacation leave. However, he amended his position to seven-weeks after questions were raised over whether judges were entitled to the accumulation of their vacation leave.

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