More bloodshed near Port-of-Spain …”MID-MORNING KILLING”

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The bloodshed continued on Wednesday morning when a man was shot dead in front of the Laventille Technology Center.

Police are blaming the recent killing on a war between two gangs which started in Gonzales and ended in Beetham Gardens.

In this latest killing, police said the suspects are from a gang in Laventille.

Around 10.30 am, a man was standing in front of the Laventille Technology Centre,  Eastern Main Road, when the occupants of a black Nissan Tiida opened fire. The man was shot several times and collapsed.

He died within minutes. His assailants escaped east along the Eastern Main Road and disappeared into Laventille. Within minutes, police and soldiers responded and cordoned off the Eastern Main, leading to a traffic pile-up.

Police believe Wednesday morning’s killing was linked to the double murder in the Beetham on Monday night and the assassination of Kevon “Fish” Joseph at Hermitage Road, Gonzales, on  Monday afternoon.

The hunt is on for the killers.

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