Moonilal: Udecott, Cepep bosses hired without process

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Opposition parliamentarian Dr. Roodal Moonilal has told Parliament that the Government has hired senior executives in the State sector without due process.

According to Moonilal, those executives include a CEO, Head of Human Resources and Business Consultant at Urban Development Company of Trinidad and Tobago (UDECOTT).

A PNM Councillor is among new managers at the CEPEP Company Ltd., he said.

He claimed that the posts were not advertised and that the executives were employed “at exorbitant salaries.”

He declared that the Government was placing “square pegs in round holes.”

In a wide-ranging address contribution on the revised budgetary measures, Moonilal alleged that there was corruption in the State sector.

He said, too, there was a return of the mismanagement that the Uff Commission had identified.

Professor John Uff had investigated the administration of certain major Government projects of the PNM administration of 2007 to 2010.

He uncovered several areas of gross irregularities.

Moonilal noted that some of the wrongdoing was at the incomplete Brian Lara Sports Facility

The Government has resumed works at the facility, but there has been no confirmed budget and timeline for completion.

The country is returning to “the bad old days,” the Member of Parliament said.

Moonilal said the Government has not yet begun any major construction projects, after seven months in office.

He noted that number of projects constructed by the People’s Partnership Government, including houses, police and fire stations and hospitals.

Moonilal was the Minister of Housing and Urban Development in that administration.

“This Government will spend five years looking in the rear view mirror,” he slammed.

He said that any taxation of the gaming industry will lead to joblessness of workers in the sector, including single mothers.

He also predicted a negative impact of the planned taxation on online purchases.

Moonilal accused Prime Minister Dr. Keith Rowley of being arrogant, claiming that “he makes Donald Trump look like an angel.”
He said that while some people are unfit for public office, Rowley was “unmade for office.”

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