“Moonilal takes the toss”

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Dr Roodal Moonilal, MP for Oropouche East, is known for his fighting contributions in Parliament and on the campaign trail.

But last Saturday, he was seen in another role. He was taking the toss to launch the 2018 South/Central T20 cricket tournament at the Govindra Roopnarine Recreational Ground, Penal.

Speaking at the event, Moonilal stated, “This competition started last year in Central Trinidad with the vision of one day becoming a national tournament, which emphasizes on community teams and focuses on building communities. This year the tournament moves to South and is geared toward encouraging cricketers, who are not usually in the limelight, to get exposure at a significant level of competition within the communities.”

He added, “Without getting into too much details, it is generally felt that if at all West Indies cricket is to reach the pinnacle of global domination once again, Trinidad and Tobago would have to play an integral part in any West Indian resurgence. We hope that somewhere along the line, with tournaments like these, talent would be birthed and identified for the new stars of tomorrow.”

Managing Director of the Jaggerssar Group of Companies, Sudesh Jaggerssar expressed his gratitude for the competition, stating, “I would like to thank those responsible for driving this community outreach program of bringing out everyone, from the youths, to adults and even the seniors citizens. We (My family and I) are proud in sponsoring and being a part of the community drive and we will continue to do so in the future.”

The competition will follow the standard ICC T20 rules with one adjustment. The tournament’s organizers introduced two special overs per innings, namely in the 10th and 16th over, where runs made within the over are doubled. However, the loss of a wicket within the over will result in a deduction of eight runs on the scoreboard for the batting side. Participating teams will include sides from within the southern and central communities with a variation of players of all ages.

The tournament bowled off on Monday.
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Dr Roodal Moonilal cuts the ribbon to formally open the T20 competition. L-R former national players, Shazam Babwah, Rajendra Mangalie, Dr Moonilal, Sudesh Jagessar and Indar Manick (Ducky’s Tent Rentals).

Below, Dr Roodal Moonilal takes the toss to get the game on the way
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