After months of non-stop killings …ARMY BASE FOR ENTERPRISE

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The Chaguanas Chamber of Commerce begged. The Mayor of Chaguanas pleaded. The members of Parliament in Central Trinidad requested.

They all sang the same tune. They wanted an army camp in Enterprise, Chaguanas, following a spate of non-stop killings in that community. Nothing happened. The notorious gang leader, Selwyn “Robocop” Alexis, was shot dead in July. His nephew, Anton Mitchell, was killed by police in November. On Sunday, his brother, Mervyn Alexis, was executed by unknown gunmen.

On Monday, Minister of National Security, Edmund Dillon, awoke and announced that an army camp will be established in Enterprise.

Is that the answer to the increase in murders? It would seem that more intelligence by the security services is what is really needed to stem the flow of gangland killings.

Speaking with reporters at the Port-of- Spain International Waterfront Centre, Dillon said, “My concern is really reducing the murder rate as much as possible. All efforts are geared towards that. We continue to improve our operational capabilities, we continue to provide what is required for the police service to do what is necessary to provide continued support to them by the Defence Force. To that extent, we are in fact going to be setting up a sort of a forward base in Enterprise with the Army. ”

Dillon added, “we will have a firm base in Enterprise within the next week or so, where we will have a presence in Enterprise. Strategies are tested on the ground and we continue to adjust as we go along. You would have seen the police doing operations in Enterprise. This morning, you will them in Sea Lots and they continue to do so in various areas where they have identified, based on intelligence, a number of activities are taking place.”
Dillon added, “To a large extent if your intel is sound, you have a better chance of success in your operations.”
Dillon said he was pleased to see the commanders of various police divisions starting to take charge of the areas under their jurisdiction and hoped this would go further.

The Minister said, “I want to see that drill down, not only to just the commanders but down to station inspector, down to the sergeant, down to corporals, down to the constables on the beat.”

Dillon said there is a statistical element to the crime that cannot be measured, “in terms of the lives of somebody’s brother, somebody’s sister, somebody’s nephew.”




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