After months of allegations …EFCL GETS NEW BOARD

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After months of allegations, a new Board has been installed at the Education Facilities Company Limited (EFCL).

Minister of Education, Anthony Garcia, made the announcement on Thursday and said the new Board will comprise Ricardo Vasquez as the new chairman, along with members Clyde Permell, Dean Burgen, Cedric Neptune, Marvin Gonzales and Imamuddin Baksh.

Vasquez, who previously served as deputy chairman, Permell and Burgen were included from the former board.

Garcia added, “This new board has been carefully selected.”

Following informal discussions with Vasquez, Garcia said both entities agreed to have a very close relationship going forward.

The Minister said, “There are some areas we need to tighten because there were some challenges we experienced over the last few months and we are hoping to overcome those challenges.”

Among the areas which need urgent priority attention, Garcia said, was the operation between the board and the executive management team. He said it is hoped all of these challenges could be addressed properly.

He denied mounting public pressure and calls by the Opposition for an investigation into the EFCL’s operations had played a part in the decision.

Asked if former chairman Arnold Piggott or other former board members could face the courts in relation to allegations of impropriety, Garcia said, “I don’t want to ascribe any blame or misdeeds to the former chairman. An audit is taking place and in a few weeks’ time we will have those findings. At this point, I can say no more.”

Piggott resigned on June 2 citing personal reason and seeking to protect his family’;s reputation.

Although the previous EFCL board was criticised for failing to appear before the Joint Select Committee earlier this week, Garcia said he was not aware who was required to attend the session. However, Vasquez assured they will attend the next session if they are summoned.

Commending the new chairman for accepting the offer to serve, Minister in the Ministry of Education, Dr. Lovell Francis, said it was a difficult job Vasquez was stepping into.

Vasquez later assured the ministers that the new board is committed to ensuring efficiency and excellence in sphere of school repairs, upgrades and construction.
Image result for ricardo vasquez - EFCL
Image result for ricardo vasquez - EFCL

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