Minister, wife at police shooting range … ARE THEY HOLDERS OF FIREARM LICENCES?

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How come it is only under this PNM administration that Ministers are being taken to shooting ranges to learn how to defend themselves?

Why was this not done to Ministers in previous Governments?

What is so special about this Government and its Ministers?

Is there a threat against Ministers of this Government?

Have certain Ministers been threatened?

In October 2016, Attorney General Faris Al Rawi took his two children to Cumuto Barracks where the children were photographed with high-powered weapons. Al Rawi has not admitted that the children in the photographs were his children, but Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley and the Defence Force have done so.

Now comes word that Minister of Agriculture, Lands and Fisheries, Clarence Rambharat and his wife, Camille, go to the Police Barracks, St James, and use the shooting range for practicing purposes.

Are they the holders of firearm users’ licences? Did the acting Commissioner of police give permission for the Minister and his wife to use he range which the said Commissioner has decommissioned because the noise affects residents of Federation Park and environs?

Rambarat has confirmed he has been visiting the Police Barracks shooting range for his own personal safety, as his ministry is responsible for the second largest law enforcement units in the country. What does that have to do with the Minister?

The Police Social and Welfare Association has called for a probe into the visits after a junior officer reported the visit of the minister and his wife to the shooting range, noting civilians are not allowed on the range and it has also been condemned.

The couple was also reportedly taken to the range by a senior officer who should be on pre-retirement leave.

Hear Rambarat, “Every minister and public officials are required and put through security training and check in with a police station and be given advice.”

He said the Police Training Academy was near his place of residence, which was his chosen location for training.

“The police academy is close to where I live and my wife accompanies me from time to time and I am not treated different from any public office holder.”

Rambarat said he also visited the Academy for advice relating to the security units under his ministry’s purview.

He added, “I go on ministry matters. As you know, apart from the Ministry of National Security, I have secondary law enforcement units. I have the Praedial Larceny Squad, honorary game wardens, patrol men, forest officers, patrol men and estate constable. I go there for advice relating to firearms and equipping them with firearms and bullet proof training. I am simply doing my job.”

“I am not a civilian. I don’t know if that was a story. I was there not for the first time as a Government minster but related to security,” he said.

He said he was also not aware of any attempted disciplinary action being taken against the junior officer who reported his visit.

“I am not aware of that. I am not a civilian I am a Government minister and on matters of my personal security. I was there as a Government minister and as a minister you have personal security you need to deal with and there were facilities where I could get advice on matters of personal security. I have no interaction with anybody there on disciplinary action. I was there on matters relating to personal security.”

He added: “My wife is my wife and it covers myself, my wife and my children. We get advice and you could only get advice from the Police Service.”

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