Minister tours Maraval River …”TOO LATE SHALL BE THE CRY”

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Just look at the photograph below.

We said it on Monday that the rivers were not cleaned by the authorities during the dry season. There is bush and silt, apart from the bottles and others things which were thrown in the rivers by people.

But look at the photograph. It is clear that the Ministry of Works and Transport and the Ministry of Rural Development, did no work during the dry season. The tour by the Minister on Monday, as described by one resident is “too late shall be the cry.”

Minister of Works and Transport, Rohan Sinanan, has promised relief as the testing of a pump to clear city drains commenced.

The pump, which will be located just outside the Port of Port-of-Spain, will pull the water from the city’s underground drains into the Gulf of Paria. If this testing is successful, according to the Minister, at least four pumps will be used at strategic locations to prevent widespread flooding in the capital city.

He added, “The tender will close this week or by next week for the latest and once this is successful, we will have at least three to four more pumps.” He blamed Sunday’s disaster on the volume of rain dumped by the passing tropical wave.

Sinanan stated, “That rain fell more than three hours and it was significant and once you get that amount of rainfall in that space of time it is going to cause a challenge with the underground drains.”

He, however, noted that recently a robotic camera was sent underground and received images which showed that some of the underground drains were blocked from the foundations of newly-constructed buildings in the city.

“So we are hoping that this exercise with the pumps works even at high tides, and once it works we will ramp it up and have at least three to four pumps installed.”

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