Minister still blaming the UNC after 3 years …”THE FOOD CARD COPS”

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So two police officers have been receiving food cards!

According to the Minister of Social Development and Family Services, Cherrie-Ann Crichlow-Cockburn, these two unnamed police officers were among hundreds of unscrupulous people who had been receiving the Government-issued food cards at the expense of the country’s needy citizens.

Crichlow-Cockburn said this has resulted in the Government having to carry out a re-certification exercise to ensure that those for whom the programme was conceptualized, benefited.

Crichlow-Cockburn said she recently learnt from a constituent that the police officers, who also live in the Lopinot/Bon Air West area, had vowed not to support her as MP because of the Government’s stringent policy on the issuing of food cards.

She added, “In the first instance, they should not have had the food card because of their income. We will not condone wrong.”

The Minister revealed that during the re-certification exercise, which catered to those who were in receipt of food cards, approximately 13,000 people did not go in to the ministry.

She added, “So, when you see the UNC and the detractors come to say things like, ‘This Government is uncaring. They take back people food card.

“We have not taken back any food card. What we have done is sought to ensure that the persons who are in receipt of food support are persons who are eligible for it and persons who are in need and cannot feed their families.”

Crichlow-Cockburn said since the exercise an estimated 18,000 people have been removed from the system.

“What this has meant for Government is that we have been able to save at least $150 million annually.”

She said the money could be used to provide more services within her ministry and others.

“We are convinced the action we have taken in terms of the food support and food card have been justified.”

She said last week, the ministry removed 1,376 food card holders from the system because they had not used the card since last December 2017.

“If you have not utilised your food support card in six months, clearly you do not need it.”

Crichlow-Cockburn said more than 3,000 names could not be found because they do not exist. She claimed one particular regional corporation needed at least three pages to print those names.

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Cherrie-Ann Crichlow-Cockburn

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