Is this Minister for real? …”OH GOSH, EDMUND DILLON”

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Oh gosh, Edmund Dillon! Are you for real? Are there any lawyers in the Ministry of National Security to advise the Hon Minister?

Dear Minister, we do not need new laws to protect our servicemen.
The laws exist, just carry them out. But first, you have to catch the criminals, prosecute them, get a conviction and have the appropriate sentence passed. Not new laws.

The law in Trinidad and Tobago for murder is the death penalty.

Dillon said his ministry was examining the law to go after people who commit offences against members of the protective services.

Dillon said his ministry continued to take measures to treat with attacks on prisons officers. The latest incident was the brutal killing of prisons officer, Devendra Boodooram, 50, last Friday on Frederick Street, Port-of-Spain.

On Monday, Dillon met with the Prisons Association, the Commissioner of Prisons and acting Commissioner of Police to explore additional initiatives. “To date, we are looking at the legal framework to treat with people who commit offences against not only prison officers but members of the protective services as well.”

Dillon said counselling had been provided and will continue to be provided to the slain officer’s family and they will benefit from the $1m compensation for officers killed in the line of duty.

On the issue of the recently installed jammers at the nation’s prisons, Dillon said while the prisons had some successes, resulting in several illegal cellphones being confiscated “there is always room for improvements and we continue to work assiduously as far as possible to eradicate or remove all cell phones from the prison system.”

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