Men in tactical wear at supermarket…”HUNT FOR BOGUS COPS”

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Three men dressed in political tactical wear are suspected of carrying out robberies in Central Trinidad.

On Tuesday, the three men went to a supermarket to “check the books” but the workers became suspicious and hid in a room. The three men then left.

Around 9 am on Tuesday, the three men entered TMall Supermarket in Caroni.

The men told the Chinese cashier to open a certain part of the establishment to “check on their books.”

Chinese workers, who were monitoring on the grocery’s surveillance system, became concerned and contacted the Caroni Police Station to verify the officers’ presence.

With no confirmation from the station, the Chinese nationals locked themselves in a room. The men left the grocery in a while Nissan wagon.

Photographs of the three men were posted on WhatsApp Groups and Facebook.

Police said the men in question are not police officers. The police are concerned that these men were wearing something close to the police tactical wear.

Investigations are continuing.

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