Man went to rescue of his wife …”MURDER OUTSIDE CASINO”

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Dillon Lucas went to the rescue of his common-law wife but ended up being stabbed to death outside a casino in Debe on Sunday.

Eyewitnesses said Lucas bled to death while the police looked on.

The attacker who himself was stabbed, remains warded under police guard at the San Fernando General Hospital.  The suspect also stabbed Lucas’ friend Kailash Seepersad on the hand, before being stabbed with his own knife during the scuffle.

Police said Lucas, 31, of Douglas Trace, St Mary’s, was the father of five. He suffered three stabs to the chest and neck.

Seepersad said Lucas, his common-law wife, Shantal Roysam, 21, and a few of her relatives including her uncle, Johnlane Ramkissoon, went to lime at Cloud 9 Casino at SS Erin Road, when a stranger began making advances at Roysam and her sister.

Seepersad said the man looked much older than them.

“I said to him, ‘leave the girls, she is a little girl in front of you.’ Then he pulled out this big fish knife. He spun around and started to stab me on my hand. The rest of the people started to shout ‘Why you do that to the youth man.’ All of this took place outside the club.”

Lucas got involved in the fracas and he and the attacker began rolling on the ground. The man stabbed him three times and then got up bleeding.

Roysam’s uncle, Johnlane Ramkissoon, who came out of the casino, saw Lucas on the ground and covered in blood.

He said police came afterwards and he begged them for help.

Roysam said she ran to the officers crying and begging them to help but the officers cursed her and chased her away.

She added, “I beg the police and they were cussing we and running we. He was already bleeding. I said help me, they cuss me and run me. They said ‘go from here.’ I couldn’t go and leave him.”

Two hours later, they finally obtained transportation from a friend and took Lucas to the hospital. Roysam said the doctors told them that Lucas’s life could have been saved if he was brought into the hospital immediately.

Shew stated, “There are three police stations close by. The Debe, Penal and Barrackpore police could have helped us. They refused to help us. My husband could have been alive today if they had helped.”

Lucas’s relatives said yesterday that they were fearful for their lives as an associate of the attacker told them he knew where they lived. They also said they wanted police protection.
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