Man walks free after 11 years …MURDER WITNESSES MISSING

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It was freedom for a man who had been in prison for 11 years awaiting trial on a charge of murder.

His freedom came after the State indicated on Monday that they could nor locate three of their witnesses. That included the main witness.

Without the evidence of those witnesses the State could not link Treville Phillips to the murder. As  result, Justice David Harris directed the jury in the San Fernando Second Criminal Court to find Phillips not guilty.

Phillips went on trial almost three weeks ago charged with murdering Jason Marine on June 6, 2006, at a place called “The Greens” in Mayaro. Marine was shot dead and a witness alleged he saw Phillips with a gun over his body.

Phillips first went on trial for this murder in 2011, but the jury could not agree and a retrial was ordered.

On Monday, when the matter resumed, the names of the three witnesses, Learie Stuart, Diamond Henry and Nigel Baptiste were called, but there was no response.

State attorney Sabrina Dougdeen-Jaglal said the State made an application for the witnesses to be subpoenaed and for warrants to be issued for their arrest without success.

She said without those witnesses the State could not proceed any further in the matter. Explaining to the jury that without those witnesses, the State could not link Phillips to the murder and prove its case, the judge said the matter could not go on because there was insufficient evidence.

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