Man takes wife’s body to police station …SHOT DEAD BY SON

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A family dispute turned deadly on Tuesday  night when it is alleged that a young man shot and killed his mother in the presence of  his father.

The dead woman was identified as Melissa Ramkissoon, 33, of Cedar Hill, Claxton Bay.

According to police reports, at about 8 pm on Tuesday night, a man from Claxton Bay drove into the compound of the Chaguanas Police Station and told police that his wife had been killed.

The police officers went to the vehicle and observed the body of a woman, with what appeared to be gunshot injuries to the right side of her head.

The area was immediately cordoned off and the man, her husband, was detained for further questioning.

The car was searched and a .38 revolver was found on the ground of the vehicle.

Police were told that earlier that night, the two were in the vehicle when they had cause to pick up someone known to them – their son.

While travelling along Waterloo Road, on the way to Felicity, an argument broke out during which a firearm was discharged, hitting Ramkissoon in her head.

The suspect then fled the scene, and the husband drove to the police station.

The body was eventually removed to the Forensic Sciences Center, Federation Park, for an autopsy on Wednesday.

Police are searching for the son, while the husband remains in custody.


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