Man shot dead near Camp Cumuto

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A man was shot dead near Camp Cumuto on Tuesday.

He was identified as Terrence Bacchus, of KP Lands, Valencia. He was found in bushes close to Camp Cumuto.

Reports revealed that Bacchus and Mervyn Johnson, 47, also of KP Lands, were in a vegetable garden close to Camp Cumuto when gunshots were fired at about 5 pm on Monday.

Johnson, who was shot, managed to crawl out of the bushes and made his way to the Valencia Police Station. He was taken to the Sangre Grande Hospital where he remains warded. On Tuesday, a party of officers from the Eastern Division,  found Bacchus’ body in the bushes.


A man was killed at a bar near his home at Chase Village, on Monday.

The killer walked up to Reon Francis, 28, and shot him once while he was at Maestro Bar at Southern Main Road, Chase Village.

Francis died on the premises.

The incident occurred at around 9.45 p.m.

Police were told that a Nissan Tiida reversed into the yard of the business place and the shooter emerged from the back seat of the vehicle.

The man shot Francis at close range.

As Francis collapsed, the killer stood over him and checked his pockets.

Police said it was not known if anything was taken.

Francis was planning on become a police officer.


A mentally challenged man who threw stones at the police, was killed by officers on Monday night.

Daniel Paul, 23, of Ste Madeleine, died at hospital.

At around 7 p.m, police received a report that Paul had been throwing stones at residents and vehicles at Richie Street where he lived.

Two officers of the Ste Madeleine police station responded and observed vehicles had been damaged.

Police said the officers confronted Paul and called on him to stop but instead he began pelting them.

Police said two shots were fired, and Paul was struck.

He was taken to the San Fernando General Hospital where he died.

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