Man pretending to be a burger customer …”BUSINESSMAN SHOT DEAD”

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The owner of the popular burger business, Chatoor’s Halal Burger, was shot dead by a man pretending to be a customer on Monday night.

Larry Chatoor, 40, was conducting sales at his roadside food stall at Cross Crossing, San Fernando, when a walked up an ordered two burgers at around 10 pm.

Police said Chatoor was preparing the order when the man dressed in dark clothing and a large hat pulled out a gun and fired two shots.

Chatoor, of Jordan Hill Village, Cipero Road, was hit in the head.

Police said the gunman pushed aside customers and ran away from the scene.

Chatoor was taken to the San Fernando General Hospital where he was pronounced dead on arrival.

It was not the first time tragedy had struck the Chatoor family.

In 2015, Chatoor’s brother, Rishi Chatoor, was killed along with another man in Princes Town.

Rishi Chatoor, 32, also operated a burger business. The men were liming at a bar when gunmen opened fire killing two and injuring five others.

The Chatoor family operates roadside burger carts throughout the country.

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